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6 Dairy Myths: Separating Fact from Fiction

In today’s world where nutritional information flows abundantly and there are many products trying to mimic the natural benefits of dairy, it’s essential to debunk

Tips to Eat and Stay Healthy

This time of year is marked with family get togethers, celebrations, resolutions and, for many of us, overeating. While experts advise not to simply deprive

Is Cheese Good for You?

From sweet, salty, sharp and smoky to buttery, creamy and yeasty – and several more in between – there are many flavors and types of

¿Los Lácteos Son Buenos Para Ti?

Con tantos titulares confusos sobre los beneficios de los lácteos y la prevalencia de imitadores de los lácteos en el mercado, muchas personas pueden preguntarse

Is Dairy Good for You?

With so many confusing headlines about the benefits of dairy and the prevalence dairy imitators in the market, many people may ask if milk is

5 Ways Dairy Helps Students Succeed

Despite knowing about the importance of breakfast to start our day on the right foot, many people often skip it for many reasons.  However, for

Dairy’s Importance at Each Life Stage

From infants to older adults, dairy plays an important role in healthy eating patterns across our entire lifespan.  This is according to the latest Dietary

Social Ambassadors 

Connecticut Milk Promotion Board contracted with New England Dairy with a focused effort to increase engagement, expand communication channels, and deliver strat4egies for dairy farmers

School Support & Activities

Engaging students and kids with positive dairy farming content is an important part of growing future consumers.  While parents have the purchasing power, we should

farmers and cows

Dairy Farmers are People Too

Life as a dairy farmer may conjure up an idyllic scene of someone in coveralls, with calloused hands, and living a simple life off the

girl looking at cow

Why I Share my Dairy Farming Journey

Hello, I am Grace Peckham! I am the seventh generation on my family’s farm, Elm Farm, located in eastern Connecticut, and I am a social media

Spring on the Farm

Warmer nights and softening soils thawing from the harsh winter are welcome signs of spring.  As the peepers start their nightly song and we watch for bright, blooming bulbs, we are gearing up for “go-time” on the dairy farm.