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For many dairy farmers, farming is a lifelong career. While the foundation of farming rarely changes, things that impact agricultural operations like new technologies, managing employees, and reaching consumers often require farmers to invest in ongoing training to learn new skills or to develop a skillset they currently have.  


Why Should Dairy Farmers Invest in Continuing Education? 

For farmers – both new and experienced – investing in continuing education can help to demonstrate a commitment to topics we know consumers care deeply about: animal care, our natural resources, and health and wellness. Continuing education allows farmers to learn more about human resources and equips them with the business and financial management tools necessary to expand their operation. 

In addition to developing skillsets that will be beneficial on the farm, continuing education can also prepare farmers for leadership roles within the industry – including roles on co-op and dairy promotion boards. 


Supporting Continuing Education for Dairy Farmers 

New England Dairy is offering scholarships up to $1,000 for farmers in Connecticut to participate in continuing education opportunities including courses, conferences, and more. The scholarship must be used to cover the cost of registration.  

Applications will be evaluated based on information provided in the application and alignment with identified eligibility requirements.


Funding for this program is paid for by the Connecticut Milk Promotion Board.

Application Requirements and Timeline

Apply: Complete the online application at least 6 weeks ahead of the registration deadline.  


Approval/Denial: Applicants will be notified by email of approval or denial, as well as the total funding amount. Scholarships are competitive; There is no guarantee that full funding will be received.  


Funding: Approved applicants will be reimbursed for the registration cost (or the funding amount indicated in the scholarship approval notice) approximately 30 days after completing the continuing education evaluation. 


Reporting: Approved applicants must complete a brief survey/evaluation within 30 days of completing the continuing education program.  The survey will be sent following the continuing education program. The applicant will be asked to submit proof of participation/attendance (photos of a name badge, screenshots of training modules completed, and other means). Applicants who fail to complete the survey will not receive reimbursement and will be ineligible to apply for future scholarship funding. 


Continuing Education Guidelines 

  • Applicants must be associated with the production of cow’s milk as a dairy producer

  • Scholarship funds can only be used to cover the cost of registration. The farmer is responsible for any additional expenses, including travel, lodging, meals, mileage, materials, etc. 

  • Continuing education events must be occurring and/or beginning in the same calendar year that the application is submitted.  

  • Applicants must complete the online application form.  


Continuing Education Opportunities 

Note: Farmers can apply for scholarship support for programs not included on this list. However, all programs must be approved by New England Dairy and the Connecticut Milk Promotion Board.   

Questions? Contact New England Dairy’s Farmer Relations Manager Elicia Pinsonault at or 617-380-3941.