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E-Recipe Book with Fast and Easy Ideas Now Available

Fast, easy, economical.  With our busy lives, these are 3 of the most important things that many of us look for when selecting recipes to make.  To help in this area, Connecticut Dairy has created a e-Recipe Book packed with fun and delicious recipes anyone can make – quickly! Each recipe contains dairy products like milk, cheese, and yogurt.  These not only add a delicious touch to each recipe but also provide a good source of calcium, protein, and other essential nutrients.  

What Recipes are in the E-Recipe book? 

Smoothies are a great way to start your day, and our e-book includes a variety of tasty and nutritious options, such as a blueberry orange immune boosting smoothie, green goodness smoothie and a strawberry green smoothie.  These smoothies provide you with benefits for your immune and digestive systems, give you energy for conquering the day or the treadmill, and help keep you calm in your daily stresses.   The milk in each recipe also contains 13 essential nutrients that we need to stay healthy and strong. 

For those who prefer a quick sit-down breakfast, Connecticut Dairy included cinnamon-oatmeal pancakes with an apple-maple syrup. Most people who skip breakfast cite lack of time as the primary reason. With just 10 minutes of preparation, you can soon be on your way to enjoying a warm and delicious meal for breakfast, which is the most important meal of the day. Accompanying these pancakes with a glass of milk will quickly get you to your daily goal for protein. A glass of milk, for example, contains 8 grams of high-quality protein.  

Air fryers are a great kitchen tool for those who want to make healthy and delicious meals quickly. In our e-recipe book, we’ve included a range of air fryer recipes, such as mac & cheese balls, air fryer pizza bagels, and air fryer ham and cheese sliders. So, whether you are a student, a young professional or a busy mom, air fryer recipes fill a need for those looking for fast and healthier alternatives to fried foods.   

How to Download the E-Recipe Book 

The Connecticut Dairy e-recipe book is available now. Each recipe has easy-to-follow instructions, don’t require a lot of prep time and all the ingredients are readily available in most supermarkets – you may have all or most already in your home. Plus, with the convenience of an e-recipe book, you’ll always have a recipe at the tip of your fingers when you need it. 

So, whether you’re a busy mom, a college student, or a working professional, our recipe e-book has something for everyone. Get your free copy now and start cooking! 

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