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5 Ways to Spoil Mom on Mother’s Day

Giving mom a Mother’s Day she will treasure doesn’t have to mean spending a lot of money on big or expensive gifts.   There are many simple, fun, and thoughtful ways to pamper her. Give her a break and make her feel loved on her special day – or any day.  Connecticut Dairy share these 5 fun, practical, and nutritious tips to help her enjoy her day. 

Bring her breakfast in bed

In addition to starting her day by showing mom that she is loved, a surprise breakfast also ensures she gets the nutrition and energy to enjoy her day. Mom taught us that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and serving her a nutritious and balanced breakfast will let her know you care about her health and happiness. Breakfast is an optimal time to consume protein, so consider fast and easy foods like cereal with milk, a smoothie with milk or Greek yogurt (which has twice the protein as regular yogurt), an egg and cheese omelet and others.  A glass of milk, for example, contains 8 grams of high-quality protein in addition to vitamin D and calcium, an extremely important nutrient for women’s health for the prevention of osteoporosis. 

Give her foods that help her relax and recharge

Mom may want to curl up on the sofa on her special day to read that book she’s been meaning to start.  Along with bringing mom her favorite blanket, bring her a cup of hot cocoa made with milk or a comforting smoothie.  Research suggests that milk plays a role in reducing stress from its naturally occurring phospholipids, which are used as some of the building blocks in our brain. Consumption of dairy phospholipids show promising insight into the calming effects of our favorite dairy foods on mental alertness and positivity. In addition, milk has 13 essential nutrients that help mom’s health in many ways such as protein, calcium, and Vitamin D, which is associated with a strong immune system. 

Take her to enjoy fresh ice cream

Chances are you live within 30 minutes of a local dairy farm that makes and sells fresh ice cream. To find a farm near you visit There is no better way to satisfy mom’s sweet tooth than enjoying ice cream that was locally and sustainably made on a Connecticut dairy farm.  She will also feel good supporting a local and likely family-owned business, as Nearly all of the states’ more than 90 dairy farms are family owned. 

Order in her favorite foods

Online shopping has become an essential part of our lives and made even more accessible during the COVID-19 pandemic.  From her favorite meals through a food delivery app to ordering fresh milk, cheese, and yogurt to her doorstep, ordering online has never been easier.  This includes ordering home delivery services from an increasing number of dairy farms in Connecticut.  READ MORE about the resurgence of the “milk man” and where you can order fresh from a CT dairy farm. 

Pair her favorite wine with a cheese board

Few things go better together than wine and cheese.  On her special day, mom may want to enjoy her favorite wine and you can make it extra special by serving it with the perfect cheese that will bring out its subtle flavors and characteristics.  Pairing wine and cheese don’t have to be intimidating and whether she prefers reds or whites, have fun experimenting with different cheeses. It’s likely you can find a locally made cheese from a Connecticut dairy farm that will be her favorite. For some great wine and cheese pairing ideas, check out this blog from New England Dairy. 

Connecticut Dairy wishes all moms, including the many moms who are dairy farmers, a wonderful Mother’s Day.  Thank you for all your advice, wisdom, and love.  Enjoy your day! 

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