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How do dairy farmers keep cows comfortable?  

Did you know a farmer’s top priority is to ensure cow comfort? It’s true! Farmers work hard every day to make sure their cows are as comfortable and happy as possible.   

So how exactly do they do that? Every farm has different ways of making sure their cows are comfortable. Here are just a few of the most common cow comfort practices: 

  • Deep, dry, comfy bedding (some farms even spoil their cows with water beds!)   
  • Cow brushes — 24/7 automatic back scratches, how nice does that sound?!   
  • Cow fans and sprinklers to keep the cows comfortable and cool during the summer months 
  • Access to a 24/7 buffet of fresh food and water 
  • Proper ventilation in the barn to promote good airflow and comfortable temperatures 
  • Clean alleyways 
  • Quiet and calm environment   


Making sure cows are happy and comfortable is not only beneficial to cow health but also plays a role in the making of the most nutritious product: MILK!   

Fun fact: have you ever wondered why cows chew all the time? That’s another part of cow comfort.  When cows chew, it is referred to as “chewing their cud,” which is part of the cows’ digestive process.  It’s a good sign that a cow is comfortable and healthy. 

Tia Burton
Cushman Farms
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