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5 New Year’s Resolutions from CT Dairy Farmers

The start of the year is a time when many people look to make a fresh start and it’s a reason why many choose to make New Year’s Resolutions.  Studies show resolutions are often focused on fitness, family, and finances. For Connecticut’s dairy farmers, the new year is a time to renew their commitments to consumers, the environment, and to their cows.  

While it takes less land and water to produce a gallon of milk than decades ago, dairy farmers are working hard every day to continuously improve in all areas of producing fresh, local, and delicious dairy.  Here are 5 New Year’s Resolutions from Connecticut’s dairy farmers. 

Taking Care of Our Cows –

The first resolution starts with the star of every dairy farm, our cows. Put simply, happy and healthy cows produce more milk. From providing cows with a specially developed diet to regular care from veterinarians, to ensuring they have comfortable places to sleep and access to fresh water, the health of cows is a priority on dairy farms.  Some of dairy farms have even invested in “fitbit” style monitors that ensure they are healthy and producing high quality milk.  

Taking Care of Our Land –

as stewards of the environment, dairy farmers have always had a special focus on sustainability. Most of Connecticut’s dairy farms are family owned and have been passed on from generation to generation. Today, innovations in technology and environmental practices have resulted in the ability to care for farmlands more efficiently than ever. In addition, the CT Department of Agriculture along with the Connecticut Farmland Trust have permanently protected more than 47,000 acres of land, including many on dairy farms, to ensure the lands remain available only for agricultural use in perpetuity.  

Being Part of the Climate Solution –

The dairy industry announced a “Net Zero Initiative” to achieve greenhouse gas (GHG) neutrality and optimize water use by the year 2050. Connecticut’s dairy farms are doing their part not only to meet the industry goal, but for the good of the planet. For instance, some dairy farms have methane digesters that capture methane from manure and converts it into renewable natural gas. What remains can be used as fertilizer for the crops and solids that are suitable for cow bedding.  

Ensuring Quality and Safety –

Every day, dairy cows in Connecticut produce about 2 million glasses of fresh and nutritious milk. Dairy farmers ensure every gallon of milk is of high quality and that they follow or exceed industry standards for safety.  From the time a cow is milked and to the time the milk is transported and bottled, safety procedures and protocols are closely followed.  Milk gets from the cow to the store in about 48 hours.  All of this helps to ensure when you drink a glass of milk you will benefit from its 13 essential nutrients and know it is fresh. 

Produce Fresh and Delicious Dairy Products –

In addition to milk, many of Connecticut’s dairy farms produce other delicious items such as yogurt, cheese and ice cream. Many of the farms launch new items and flavors each year and some have delivery services.  To find a dairy farm store near you CLICK HERE. Don’t forget, buying dairy right from the farm also helps to support small businesses in your community.  

As we all welcome in a new year, Connecticut Dairy is looking forward to the future with excitement and a renewed determination to taking more steps toward meeting our commitments to you, to our cows and to the environment. We look forward to 2023. Happy New Year from Connecticut Dairy 

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