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With Only a Click You Can Support Local Farmers

For the last two years, COVID-19 has changed the way consumers obtain their food. Online shopping has gained further momentum and home delivery has had a resurgence. Connecticut farmers shifted to meet the needs of consumers to procure food in a safe manner – to keep buyers and employees safe. From online ordering to home delivery, the milkman has made a return to doorsteps throughout the state. 

What’s old is new again with the resurgence of the milkman in Connecticut.  For older generations, getting milk delivered to their doorsteps was commonplace and the milkman was even featured as a character on TV shows in the 50s and 60s. Always dependable, always friendly. 

 That’s now true today with the increase in milk delivery services since the start of the pandemic. For the last two years, COVID-19 forced all of us to stay at home. Since then, online shopping has become essential. You can buy anything online with a few clicks and receive it on your doorstep in days or even hours.    

Connecticut farmers are taking advantage of this by offering home delivery services, and business continues to increase. Prior to the pandemic, just two farms — Smyth’s Trinity Farm in Enfield and The Modern Milkman in Ellington — provided home milk delivery. Since then, that number has tripled.  

Here is a list of farms that deliver milk, and even other farm products, right to the doorstep while ordering from the convenience of your phone or PC. 

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Where to Start 

The current farms in Connecticut that offer home delivery: 

Smyth’s Trinity Farm, Enfield. They offer milk, chocolate milk, and a variety of flavors of yogurts. They deliver to Enfield, Somers, Suffield, Windsor Locks, Longmeadow and Ellington.  

 –The Modern Milkman,Ellington. They deliver milk, cheese, yogurt, and non-dairy products, such as dips, cookies, granola, or bagels. They change their menu offerings weekly. 

Mountain Dairy, Storrs. Besides milk, they partnered with many local companies to provide eggs, butter, granola, Greek yogurt, and much more. They deliver to different towns every day, and orders must be placed two business days in advance. 

Terra Firma Farm, North Stonington. Their home delivery is a once-a-week service for customers within a 30-mile radius from the farm. They provide milk, chocolate milk, eggs, cream, milk coffee, milk maple, yogurt, and meat. 

Hyde’s Dairy, North Franklin. They offer milk, chocolate milk, coffee milk, and a variety of products to homes in a 30-mile radius.  

Farm to Table Market (Elm Farm), Woodstock. They sell milk, a variety of cheeses (cheddar, American cheese, Adirondack, cheese cottage, Cabot cheese garlic and dill), butter, meat, and sausages. 

In addition to convenience, there are other benefits of ordering home delivery from your local dairy farm.  

-Freshness – Milk gets from farm to fridge in about 48 hours, meaning it is fresh, as well as delicious and nutritious  

-Support Local Business – Nearly all of Connecticut’s 90 dairy farms are family-owned small businesses who in turn support other local businesses.  

-Sustainability – Dairy farms are more sustainable than ever.  Today, it takes less land and water to produce a gallon of milk. 

-Safety – The milk comes to you, meaning you don’t need to go out in public to shop for fresh, local milk. 

 So, shop local, shop fresh and relive the past all while enjoying the convenience of delivery.  Start today by ordering from one of our dairy farms that offer milk delivery.  If your town does not have a milk delivery provider, you can still find a local farm that sells dairy at their farm store.  Click HERE to find a dairy farm near you. 

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