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3 Ways Breakfast Helps Kids Going Back to School

We’ve heard time and again that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. As Connecticut schools begin to welcome back students for the new school year, this can be especially true. Is your student eating breakfast and fueling up for a long day of reading, writing, and arithmetic? Whether your student is eating breakfast at home or at school, there are many benefits in doing so.

Here are 3 ways breakfast is important for students.

1. Better School Performance and Behavior – numerous studies suggest that breakfast can help kids with academic performance by improving alertness, memory, concentration, and other related factors. In addition, children who have eaten breakfast at school are less likely to cause distractions due to behavioral and disciplinary issues, according to the Food Research & Action Center.

2. Protein Power Boost – Breakfast is an optimal time for kids to consume a meal high in protein to help energize their morning and throughout the day. In addition, protein helps kids feel full longer. Including a glass milk, which has 8 grams of high-quality protein, as part of a balanced breakfast can be an easy way to give them a big part of the protein they need.

3. Maintaining a Healthy Weight – Children and teenagers who eat breakfast are less likely to be overweight or obese compared to those who don’t, according to studies. After a night of sleeping, breakfast gets your child’s metabolism going, converting the fuel in their food to energy. As their metabolism keeps moving, their bodies begin burning calories.

There are many reasons why kids don’t eat breakfast, one of the most common is lack of time in the morning. This reason is understandable as often, the parents or guardians are also trying to get ready for work or have multiple kids in school to get ready.

Connecticut Dairy provides these 5 tips to help ensure your child eats breakfast before the school day begins:

Meal Prep – Food prepping the night before, such as cutting fruits and vegetables, can save valuable time in the morning.

Just Add Milk – Adding milk to cereal or oatmeal gives kids 13 essential nutrients such as protein, calcium and immune system boosting Vitamin D.

Use Greek yogurt – Greek yogurt has twice the protein as regular yogurt. Add in your kid’s favorite fruit and some granola and you have a simple and easy breakfast food.

Get them involved – depending on their age, kids can give a helping hand with a hot or cold breakfast. Encourage them to have fun and explore kid-friendly recipes together. Include them in making the grocery list so they have an active role in planning for the week.

Be a role model – It may be more difficult to get your student to eat breakfast if he or she sees you skip out. When they see you eating a balanced and healthy breakfast it teaches them the importance of the first meal of the day.

Connecticut Dairy farmers wish you and your students a happy, healthy, and successful school year. We are proud to provide fresh and delicious milk and dairy products that are part of a nutritious and balanced breakfast.

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