Meet Your Tolland County Dairy Farmers

Hytone Farm, Coventry



Giovani Peracchio purchased 70 acres in Coventry in 1944 to grow fruits and vegetables with his son, Tony. They added a few milk cows to guarantee year-round income. Today, with over 260 Holstein milking cows, the fourth generation of Peracchios work Hytone Farm.

Mapleleaf Farm, Hebron



Since the mid 1700’s, farming has been a way of life for the Ellis family at Mapleleaf Farm.

Today, with a herd of 500 Holstein cows, dairy production is the farm’s focus. The main crops are now hay and corn grown as feed for the herd.

The Ellis’ have been good stewards of land and resources, installing solar panels to generate 40% of their electricity need and protecting 450 acres of land from development.

Mountain Dairy, Storrs



Since 1871, the Stearns Family Farm has prioritized simple from-the-farm values for delivering high quality, great tasting milk your family can afford. And they still do, continuing their tradition of delivering Mountain Dairy milk with minimal handling and utmost care through a simple farm-to-bottle process that all takes place on their family farm in Storrs, CT.

Oakridge Dairy, Ellington



Oakridge Dairy is the combined entity of Bahler Farms and Oakridge Farms created in 2015.  In 2017 the farm constructed a new free-stall barn and 72 cow rotary milking parlor for 2,700 Holstein cows.  Milk production is the farm’s focus while exploring additional revenue sources with excess manure solids, a direct milk box delivery, and creating energy with a digester.