Meet Middlesex County Dairy Farmers

Deerfield Farm, Durham


Deerfield Farm  is set in the beautiful rolling hills of Durham. The herd is made up of about 40 registered Jerseys and is milking 15-20 cows. This creamy rich milk is bottled into raw milk and also pasteurized to make yogurt, flavored (chocolate, coffee & strawberry) milks, ricotta, soft cheese and gelato. Veal, beef and chicken raised by Deerfield are also available in the farm store. You can purchase products right from the farm they are raised and made on. Visit Middlesex County's last dairy farm!  

Greenbacker's Brookfield Farm, Durham


Greenbacker Farm is a family owned and operated dairy farm. They have about 300 head total, with 180 milking and dry. The milking herd has 30 Jerseys, 15 Brown Swiss, 3 Milking Shorthorns, and the rest Holsteins. They are a member of AgriMark and one of the farmer owners of Cabot Creamery. 

The family has been farming in central Connecticut since the 1720s.