All Things Dairy

Meet Your Farmer

Connecticut’s dairy farm families are committed to producing local, fresh, natural milk 365 days a year. Click below to learn their unique stories.

Milk FAQs

Get the facts about milk and
value-added dairy products. 

Dairy in Schools

Connecticut's dairy farm families are dedicated to improving child health. There is no better place to help children learn healthy eating habits than in school! Here are our top tips for ensuring that students eat, drink and enjoy dairy at school.

Cow Care

Did you know that cows have a nutritionist? They do. Farmers understand that a well-fed, healthy, comfortable cow is a happy cow and happy cows produce milk. Learn more about cow care here

Dairy Farm FAQs

Connecticut dairy farmers answer your most often asked questions about cow care, life on the farm, and how dairy gets from the farm to your fridge.



Looking for creative, delicious ways to incorporate dairy into your diet? Visit our Pinterest page to create a legen-dairy meal.